Course Overview  Flexible booking times, sessions available online, at therapy rooms or at Caravan Park.  

How often do you truly relax and feel a state of calmness - free from wandering thoughts and the stresses of everyday life? Even if you have some time spare, do you use that time proactively to relax? Practising meditation only 20 minutes a day gives your body a rest, which is 2-5 times deeper than sleep! 
This course covers the physical, psychological and even additional benefits such as deeper understanding of the self and increased awareness, all in a practical and down-to-earth way. 
Each individual session will have a different main subject where you will learn useful tools and techniques, followed by a practical element, so you will also learn how to keep practicing the techniques you’ve learned at home (so you can get the maximum benefits from your course). 
If you really commit to the course, it is a life-changing experience… definitely for the better! 
The course is suitable for both complete beginners and those with prior meditation experience who want to deepen their practice and understanding. 

Course Structure  Sessions are available as friendly one-to-ones or smaller group sessions, and we always offer flexible booking times.  

SESSION 1 – Orientation/ Taster Session. Practice: Bodyscan meditation. 
SESSION 2 – Stress Management. Practice: Advanced Bodyscan meditation. 
SESSION 3 – Physical Pain Management. Practice: Counting the breath meditation. 
SESSION 4 – Emotional Stress, Anxiety & Depression Management. Practice: Following the breath meditation. 
SESSION 5 – Elevated Functions. Practice: Advanced Open presence meditation. 
The course comprises 5 sessions, each are approx. one hour long, once a week, over a period of 5 weeks and includes all digital paperwork and 4 meditation recordings, so you can maintain your practice at home. 
Join our course over 5 weeks or alternatively do it all in one day in our lovely caravan: CHELTENHAM GL51 6SL. 

Booking your course 

We offer a flexible approach to fit around you! 
Sessions are available for any time preference to suit your needs.  
Call today or fill in the form below with your availability. 

Pricing & Payment 

One-to-ones or smaller groups (max. 4 people) at Caravan Park Cheltenham GL51 6SL 
Flexible Booking Times at a date and time that suits you 
£50 per Session (one person) 
£35 per Session (two - four people) 
Alternatively you can do the course in one day in form of a meditation day (11am- 3pm) 
Only £70 per Person or only £55 for 2 People (max 4 ppl.) 
Online Sessions from the comfort of your own home 
Flexible Booking Times at a date and time that suits you 
£25 per Session per person 
You can book weekly with us (Booking Form below) 

Benefits of our Courses 

We have all heard that meditation is good for you, but HOW is it good for you? 
There are now over 3,000 scientific studies and discoveries on the benefits of meditation, both physical and mental. In addition, recent research has confirmed that the brain’s structure is actually flexible (or ‘plastic’), not hard-wired and unalterable. 
Did you know that there are around 86 billion neurons in the human brain, processing and transmitting information through electrical and chemical signals? Neurons are connected by synapses, which are the small gaps (or ‘pathways’) between neurons that allow information to pass from one neuron to the next. 
Each of these pathways is associated with a particular action or behaviour, which means that every time we think, feel or do something, we strengthen this pathway (i.e.- habits are simply well-travelled pathways, so our brains find them easy to do). 
All of our meditation and mindfulness courses are based on the fact that the human brain has a property of ‘neuroplasticity’, which means that both the brain and the nervous system can change structurally and functionally in regular mediators, and this can result in a dramatic change in your outlook on life events. 
So, knowing that the brain is a muscle that can grow and change depending on what you do and how you think, meditation and mindfulness are essential in helping the brain to create new pathways. 
In other words, it turns out that you CAN ‘teach an old dog new tricks’ after all! 
In fact, meditation and mindfulness has an endless variety of benefits to offer. Practicing meditation only 20 minutes a day, gives your body a rest, which is 2-5 times deeper than sleep! It is like a 2-hour nap without the sleep hangover, enabling you to refocus and reach your true potential. You can learn how to still your inner dialogue, how to get in touch with your emotions, handle negative thoughts and much more! 
Only just 20 minutes of meditation can be equivalent to 2-5 hours of deep and restful sleep! 
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