On our Mindfulness Retreat days, we learn all about the simple but very powerful practice of training our attention to what is happening here and now, in a non-judgemental way. 
These recharging retreat days are designed to allow yourself the opportunity to escape the constant bombardment of the outside world and the huge amount of noise in our lives. 
Our brains are constantly being shaped by forces around us of which we are only dimly aware! But research suggests that meditators are able to intentionally guide that process and backs the benefits of retreat days. 
On mindfulness days like this, you can start to learn how to become the observer of your constant, galloping thoughts in a detached way, and start to develop an awareness of less 'brain chatter'. 
We will also be learing how to befriend our thoughts and emotions and, most importantly, how we can apply these mindfulness skills to each part of our daily lives, so we can regain a sense of balance and heal stress which can adversely affect our health, performance and quality of life. 
For this reason, most of the Cotswold Meditation & Mindfulness Retreat is focused on developing an inner peace, giving you the chance to spend a day for yourself, turn towards yourself, and cultivate self-knowledge. A very gentle art of self-compassion! 

Retreat Days Include: 

Introduction - Why Meditate? Why Mindfulness? The science behind meditation. Key skills 
Guided Bodyscan Meditation 
Discussion Workshop - The importance of silence and why it is vital for our brains 
Guided 'Counting The Breath' Meditation 
Discussion Workshop - The importance of exercising, stretching and movement. How to release stress stored in the body 
Putting it all into practice - Tai Chi and Mindfulness Movement 
Discussion Workshop - Transforming pain. The key to working with physical and emotional pain, developing a new relationship to our suffering 
Guided 'No Resistance' Meditation 
Group Reflection and Sharing 
Guided 'Open Presence' Meditation 
Note: Optional 30-minute massage treatments will also be available (pre-booking required - price not included) from our lovely massage therapist Ina, of Ina's Beauty. 

Times & Dates 

Our Mindfulness Retreats run once a month, usually on the second Sunday of every month, from 10.30am to 4.30pm, at our consulting rooms in Oriel Lodge. 
Upcoming Dates for 2019 
January 13th 
February 10th 
March 10th 
April 14th 
Sold Out 
May 12th 
Sold Out 
June 9th 
July 14th 
Early Bird pricing available 
August 18th 
Early Bird pricing available 
September 15th 
Early Bird pricing available 
October 13th 
Places still available 

Pricing, Payment & Special Rates 

1-Day Retreat: £65 
Early Bird rates: £55 
N.B.- All our Mindfulness Retreats include unlimited hot drinks & snacks, a 1-hour Tai Chi class, & also 4 meditation recordings, so you can maintain your practice at home. 
Special Offer! As some of us may struggle to maintain the right level of silence at our own homes, why not book into one of the many guesthouses, B&Bs and hotels within walking distance of our consulting rooms so you can extend the benefits of the Retreat a little longer. Please see recommendations below. 
For those of you who would like to take advantage of this offer, Cotswold Meditation & Mindfulness is pleased to offer a 10% discount on the normal pricing for our standard Retreat Days. To qualify for your discount, simply mention Cotswold Meditation & Mindfulness when booking your accommodation with one of our partner establishments listed below. 
Our recharging Retreat Days are suitable for beginners, or those of you with prior experience of meditation who want to deepen their knowledge. 
If you have any questions or would like to find out more, or would like to book in, please call or email us, or alternatively fill in the booking form below. 
If you are ready for change, or just simply want to recharge your body, mind and spirit, Cotswold Meditation & Mindfulness would be delighted to welcome you on our uplifting retreat days. 

Recommended Local Accommodation Partners 

N.B.- For those of you without a vehicle, lifts to/from our consulting rooms will be provided 
One4 B&B (Tel: 01242 460 689) 
Quiet Air B&B with Tracy (Tel: 07878 88 12 99) 
Please note: A £20 booking deposit is required to secure your place on any of our Retreats. In addition, you are always welcome to attend a Taster/Introductory Session first, before attending any of our Mindfulness Retreats. 
For groups 3 people + we offer group discounts! 

Extended Retreat Available Sundays & Mondays 

To benefit even more from your Mindfulness Retreat and to get the best effect out of it, research suggests it takes about 24 hours of silence for your mind to settle and for your thoughts to grow quieter. Buddhists refer to this as 'calming the monkey mind'! 
Cotswold Meditation & Mindfulness therefore is glad to offer you an Extended Retreat option. 
We recommend that retreat participants maintain their silence at home for the rest of the night until the following morning (to reach the 24 hour mark). You then get the opportunity to come back on Monday morning to ensure you get the best effect and gain an even deeper understanding and insight. 
This second day runs from 10.30am-2pm and will include a catch-up on the meditation techniques learned on day 1, plus a further discussion workshop on stress management, and we will also learn how meditation can take us further than reducing stress and helping to prevent illness (for example, benefits such as better concentration, higher productivity, slower ageing, etc.). 
Extended Retreat pricing: £105 for 2 days 
Early Bird rates: £95 
Special Offer (i.e.- when booked in conjunction with a local accommodation partner booking): 20% Discount 
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